Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My web sites are at these addresses, grasshopper

Hello there,

If you'd like to read books, poetry or anything else I've written or am writing, or you'd like to view some nice, pretty pictures, try these sites:

Jay Verney at Amazon - my Author Central page at Amazon where you'll find books and stories I've published so far at the big 'Zon.

Transient Total Focus - my personal blog where things happen one blink at a time.

Zen Kettle - a poetry blog featuring Zenkus, three-line poems written in the moment about moments.

Veranda Life - featuring 999 Verandakus in 999 days, a project featuring haikus with images, now complete.

City of Images - depicts my hometown, Brisbane, Queensland, in pixels and graphs, another labour of love.

Last Cat On Mars - is a comics site devoted entirely to fun, and especially fun with Lego minifigures. So, have you know what when you visit.


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